Rules & Conditions

Failure to observe the rules below will result in an instant disqualification of your team.

Each individual competitor must have signed in on the day of the event.


Each “Team” requires a minimum of 5 or a maximum 6 members to compete.


Each Team must follow the instructions of their professional river guide at all times.


A person from each team must wear the Teams bib/number at all times during the event.


This is a “TEAM” event therefore during the river trail run – teams are to stick together – team members must be no more than 20 metres apart during the run.


On the trail – due to injury only – you can drop one member of your team. If you drop more than one team member your team is disqualified.


You must cross the finish line together as a team – “hand in hand” – your team has not completed the race until all members of the team have crossed the line.


In the Spirit of Adventure and Good Sportsmanship – if you observe other teams in strife needing assistance – especially on the river – then assistance were appropriate is to be given.


You must follow guidelines laid out in the competitor briefing at all times.